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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract?
No – there are no long-term contracts. Customers may rent month to month.
What if the monitoring station does not hear me?
The monitoring station will try getting a response over the two-way monitoring unit and then by telephone. If there is still no response, Medline will call the local emergency medical services and any other contacts that you have previously specified.
Can I take the system with me when I go away for the winter/summer?
Yes – just notify us before hand so your new address and other information can be setup in advance. There is no charge for this service.
Will I be charged if I accidentally set off the alarm?
No – there is no charge for pressing the button. In fact, we recommend that you test the system at least monthly by doing just that. Simply inform the trained professional who speaks over the monitor that you accidentally pressed the button, or that you are just testing.
What happens if my monitoring unit gets unplugged?
The Medline monitoring unit has a built in backup battery that will ensure no service interruption. In addition, a silent alarm will automatically be transmitted to the monitoring station, and you will be contacted to plug the monitoring unit back in.
How long do the batteries in my waterproof pendant last?
Your Medline pendant or watch is permanently sealed and powered by a high quality lithium battery that will last over 7 years. To ensure your complete protection, it is Medline policy to replace the entire pendant every 5 years at no charge.
In an emergency, can I have you call my family before the ambulance?
Yes – if we cannot communicate with you over the two-way monitoring unit, the trained professional will follow your previously established instructions.
How far from the monitoring unit will my pendant work?
Often, out to the mailbox or even to a backyard garden. We will test this at time of installation. A typical range is about 150 feet.
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